We’re Full Spectrum Farms

Our mission is to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorder be more active and involved in the WNC communities

Our Vision

Full Spectrum Farms is dedicated to serving people impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Western North Carolina by providing a farm community.   We strive to provide independence through meaningful work, recreation, and community involvement. through our many art classes, farm therapy and family workshops. 

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fsf garden

Our Mission

Founded in 2002 by parents of children with ASD, Full Spectrum Farms is a non-profit organization serving individuals with ASD in Western North Carolina. We are a thirty-four-acre farm where individuals with ASD can live, work, and explore in a safe and encouraging environment.  Full Spectrum Farms provides a unique model for ASD services as a nurturing community where individuals with ASD can live and work with a focus on organic farming and natural crafts and art.

Community Focus

The Farm helps individuals with ASD develop lifelong learning and living skills through projects such as woodworking, pottery, and weaving, as well as growing and selling organic produce and flowers. Through these endeavors, we provide an opportunity for individuals with ASD to support their communities and themselves. Our specific goals for the future are to obtain and build residential homes on our property, along with a community center, craft building area, and community garden.

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Our Horizon

In order to move forward with our goals, we plan to incorporate current research, speak with families affected by ASD, learn from similar facilities and professionals in the field to help us create a sensory-sensitive community of growth. We pay particular attention to organic farming, natural crafts training, supported living, teaching, and sustainable, green initiatives as we continue to grow Full Spectrum Farms.

Meet The Team

Our Management Team

Meet the people that make the daily operations of our farm possible
Farm Director

Erin McManus

Erin works tirelessly to coordinate weekly programs, plan special events, manage donations, and cultivate relationships in the local community.
erin mcmanus and family
Farm Manager

Carol West

Carol works relentlessly to ensure our garden stays green, our weekly programs run smoothly, and our relationships with local businesses thrive.
Carolyn May West
Art Instructor

Christina Daniels

Christina Daniels runs the Full Spectrum Farms Pottery program. She is an accomplished potter and local K-12 Art teacher. Christina teaches both private and group lessons for the clients of FSF.
christina daniels and family
Meet the team

Board of Directors

Get to know the people that help make Full Spectrum Farms Possible
keith corzine
Local Cullowhee resident serving as the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at WCU. Keith is father to two adult sons, one of whom is on the Spectrum. He is a founding member of the farm.

Norman West

Vice President
Local Realtor, WCU Graduate, and life-long community support. As President, Norman helps coordinate all major events and operations through his deep connections within the Cullowhee community.

Yue Hillon

Professor of Management in the College of Business at Western Carolina University serving as our Treasurer and helping with all things business related.

Kim Corzine

Retired secondary teacher serving as an adjunct biology instructor for WCU. She is the mother of two adult sons, one of which is on the Spectrum. Kim has been involved with FSF for many years and now serves as secretary of the BOD.
dan killian full spectrum farms

Dan Killian

Board Member
President of Harvard Investors Group. Harvard Investors Group is a family office investment firm. It is also a consultancy focused on assisting public and private companies--both domestic and foreign--to access Wall Street resources more effectively.
mickey randolph full spectrum farms

Mickey Randolph

Board Member
Professor of Psychology at WCU who firmly believes in giving back to the community and requires all students in her classes to complete service hours each semester at local Non-profits like Full Spectrum Farms
bonnie claxton full spectrum farms

Bonnie Claxton

Board Member
Bonnie Claxton has dedicated her career to providing legal services to people in tribal communities who cannot afford an attorney.

Marcus Metcalf

Board Member
Executive Director of HIGHTS and expert coordinator of outdoor events, leadership training, and the cultivation of community involvement.

Tommy Chisholm

Board Member

Bill Messina

Board Member

Jeri Fifer

Board Member