Since its inception in 2001, Full Spectrum Farms, Inc., has researched and identified its service area, acquired  non-profit status, defined goals, raised funds, and developed partnerships. Eventually, the Farm will become a living and working farm community that will serve as a unique model for adults with autism and a day program for resident and non-resident individuals with autism. This is the vision that invigorates our donors and volunteers. Facilities will be designed as a special model, developed through assessment of current research, policies and accommodations as well as in consultations with affected families, other facilities and appropriate professionals.

It will include:
1)      Special care in a sensory-sensitive, holistic environment,
2)      Work centering on organic farming and natural crafts training center,
3)      A supported living model based on public-private funding structure,
4)      A teaching model in partnership with area academic institution(s) and professional programs,
5)      A sustainable “green” design and construction model.


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